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Nearly 17 percent of the US population has Dyslexia.

Research indicates that the cause of dyslexia lies in the brain. In children with dyslexia, their brains have a more difficult time learning and remembering code to how sounds and letters go together. Dyslexia causes individuals to learn differently. Dyslexia is a unique mindset that is often gifted and productive.

Lab School

About the Lab School of Washington

For over 40 years, The Lab School of Washington has been providing children with college-preparatory academic experience for grades 1-12. With many award-winning years of excellence, The Lab School of Washington has helped position children with ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning disabilities into avenues of choice where they will be most likely to succeed. Take a look and learn about all The Lab School.

About the Lab School of Baltimore

At Baltimore Lab School, we know that every child can learn. Our role is to tap your son or daughter’s academic talents and discover how he or she learns best. With our non-traditional teaching methods and our innovative strategies, we help students enhance their academic strengths, compensate for their learning differences, self-advocate with confidence, and prepare for a rewarding Learn more about the Lab School of Baltimore.

About The Jemicy School

The Jemicy School educates talented and bright students with dyslexia or other related language- based learning differences by addressing both their intellectual strengths and their learning needs. More at

About The Odyssey School

The name represents the challenging personal journey that each child must undertake in his or her individual road to success. Every child who walks through Odyssey’s front door is a bright, intelligent and capable learner, and we recognize his or her many talents and gifts. More at

About The Summit School

Summit was founded as a mission-driven school devoted to helping every child reach their full potential. The Summit School is a model program for bright students with dyslexia and other learning differences. Summit remains the only school in Anne Arundel County to serve this population of students exclusively. More at

About The Dyslexia Tutoring Program

The mission of Dyslexia Tutoring Program is to work with low-income children and adults who are dyslexic or have a language –based learning disability. This is accomplished through a professional assessment, and if needed, tutoring by volunteer tutors. More at

Dyslexia Tutoring Program